Main shareholder of A AGRO LLC is Caspian International Investment Company CSC. A AGRO LLC commenced to its full activity from March month 2010.

“A AGRO” LLC – Our organization is one of the major companies in the field of cultivating, processing of a variety of botanical species of salads and vegetables, production and sale of various types of finished products from salads and vegetables. In this area, it is a leader not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the entire Caucasus region.

All products we manufacture are processed, chopped and packed by equipment and machines, which corresponds to leading, high – technology innovative European standards. Such production processes consist of multi-staged security measures, which provide complete safety by protecting food products from risk and hazards. Each product is made in conformity with national and international standards by observing all sanitary norm and policies strictly. 

Our company is always concerned about the health of customers, clients, consumers. Therefore, in order to achieve maximum satisfaction from our customers, the company, at the time of production, always remains true to the principle of compliance with food safety and quality.

Main goal of organization – to take care of human’s health, to achieve complete satisfaction of customers and consumers due to provision of high-level safety in the manufacture of natural, environmentally sound and fresh, healthy food products   under the brand “Rahat Salat”, production of high-qualitative products and their delivery to consumer, organization of retail sales of products we manufacture and development of sales strategy in various directions, presentation of high-qualitative product made with love to our people, and conduction of qualitative service, to provide improvement of our company and its continuous development upward by considering their supply, demand and complaints. 

Our mission – to deliver  natural, environmentally sound and fresh, healthy food products   under the brand “Rahat Salat” for use of our people by presenting new product concept along with taking care of health of our nation and people, to realize the principle “healthy mind in a healthy body” along with healthy nutrition. It is because, the way not only leading to the heart of human, but also to his convenience and especially to his health, passes through his stomach..

Main duty – to become leader in local and international market economics in the field of manufacture of products consisting of various assortment of fruit, vegetable and salads , to provide integration toward both domestic and foreign sales markets intensively, to provide meeting of each consumer’s demands to healthy food products through offer of qualitative products.