A AGRO company always pays attention to the activity in the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has functioned actively in protection and improvement of environment. 

A AGRO company presents one more innovation within the framework of CSR.

“Donate 1box!

Our company offers the service of regular delivery to Orphanages in the territory of Absheron region of fruit and vegetables, which are the sources of health and meets standards.

Such service which may be a part of CSR, is very easy and efficient for cooperating companies.

Our customers, by giving online orders, additionally may donate 1 box of fruit and vegetable.

For that, it is sufficient to press the button “Donate 1 box” and affirm the sum added to your account when you place your order after registration.

1 box includes 2 kg of apple, 2 kg of carrot, 2 kg of tomato, 2 kg of cucumber and 2 kg of cauliflower. Our products are environmentally sound and without GMO.

* You will be informed by photo and in written about it as soon as the box you donated delivered to the address.